Knowing something but not registering it

Ever have that moment when you realize something that you already knew?

I know it sounds kinda dumb, but it is not that rare for me to realize something that I had realized before, just never really thought about.

Like I remember one day I watched some Hatsune Miku concert, just one song, and I realized there was a hologram, and I was like cool, they’ve got a hologram”.

Some months later I watched it again and I was like holy shit holograms! Technology has gotten to that point!”.

Just an example.

Another one would be how I made an entire CLI app just to download a Gist’s files and put them in the current directory. Just yesterday I realized I can just clone a Git repo of the Gist and that’s that. I was thinking that the .zip file download was the only way to go, but it isn’t. I knew about the Git repo stuff, I just never even registered it as an option.

Kinda short post, but just wanted to share that.

August 9, 2014