A love letter to Arch Linux

Notice from 2015: Well I sure did abandon you again, didn’t I? Now I’m using OpenBSD. lol

This is a love letter to Arch Linux. It’s the first time I write something like this, it was very fun. If you see anything in between square brackets ([]) it’s an author’s note. Note that some stuff is exaggerated for the drama but my feelings are still true.

Arch, I remember it clear as day how I abandoned you in July for a Mac Mini. I remember typing the last sudo systemctl poweroff you would see for over 3 months. I remember the slowness with which you turned off that last time.

I remember the speed and enthusiasm with which you booted up after months of hanging around the modem in storage, only to see your sadness when I turned you off quickly as I was going to install Windows 7 over you. [Was going to lend computer.]

I remember downloading your torrent again a week ago, I remember the speed with which you downloaded and with which you ddd to an 8GB USB.

It is completely understandeable that you had a tantrum when I came back to you, it is completely understandeable that you gave me a hard time with the internet.

And of course, the modem, it is completely understandeable that you have trouble with him, it is completely understandeable that the modem rejects a second connection without being reset after you left him as soon as I tried to install you again. [This is a reference to the fact my damn modem has to be restarted every time this computer wants to connect to it.]

YET! After convincing your sister to help me (ArchBang) you were willing to work again for me. And now every time I boot up you’re there to welcome me home.

I will always love you, Arch. I promise I won’t be promiscuous again. I promise I won’t leave you again for another OS. I promise I will look after you, even when I get new computers. You’re the only one for me.

December 13, 2013