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I've removed AI from my workflow

I removed Copilot and ChatGPT (and other built-in editor AI assistants) from my workflow.

Why would I do that? Besides the fact that the generated code is often trash.

Quite simply, it was quickly making me lazy.

I wasn't engineering anymore.

And I became aware of the real legal risks of using generative AI to do creative work. And programming is creative work.

For more on that check The Intelligence Illusion by Baldur Bjarnason.

Also it feels a bit weird to know that AI is deeply flawed and can easily spit out any amount of BS, and yet use it on a daily basis and then charge my clients for it.

Now the only way in which ChatGPT contributes is by me asking it some questions from time to time to understand a new concept in a basic form.

I now rely much more on two tools:

I feel like I'm thinking and using my mind much more now, which is a great positive as an engineer.