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The only way forward for developers

Recently came across two posts, I'm a programmer and I'm stupid and The one about the web developer job market, one touching on simply KISS, and the other about the current web dev job market, and how AI is affecting it.

These two posts segway into a thought I've been having.

I think the only devs that will have a good job going forward will be those that can deliver pure value, no fluff, making money for real businesses.

To do that quickly and accurately, you need to be lean and only use working tech, no fluff. Like the "stupid programmer" post says.

Your users don't care if it's OOP or if it's a switch case with 1000 cases. They couldn't care less. (See Undertale's dialogue switch statement with all of the game's dialogue being put in there.)

On one project right now I'm dealing with an over engineered architecture, design patterns, OOP, DDD, blah blah. It takes forever to write anything and make money with it. It will take 6-8 months for a medium-sized feature.

The moment a real lean competitor comes along that is business savvy, it's game over.

Versus at another project, in 60 hours I've been able to deliver a full working product that saves our customer money and time and is ready to have features added to it.

The only difference is the mindset of the architecture and the devs implementing it.