Python project setup

I’ve been playing around with my Python project setup a little bit, and I have found the following setup to be quite convenient and comfortable.

I make use of the Makefile as a sort of script runner (not what it’s meant for btw).

I use a Django project as an example, that’s using Tailwind and Svelte as well.

(Please note that for Makefiles, you need to indent with tabs, spaces are not syntactically valid.)

Setup script, dependency management with pip-tools

I have a make setup script, which I only run once, or when I delete the venv/ directory.

Then for dependency management I make use of pip-tools which is basically pip-compile+pip-sync.

You use pip-compile to take in a requirements file with the dependencies you INTEND to have, which it then figures out what the dependencies you actually need, are, in order to fulfill that intention.

Then you use pip-sync to make the virtualenv only contain the libraries that you originally intended.

For pip-compile I use a file (like requirements.txt but much smaller and stable).

That generates a requirements.txt that reflects what the actually needs.

This is useful when you want to uninstall dependencies. Because then you just remove them from the, you run pip-compile and then pip-sync and boom, you only have what you need.

In the Makefile I use make update for pip-compile and make install for pip-sync.

make run script

This depending on the project I may or may not have it.

For this particular project you can see how it turned out below. I actually implement a trick so that I can run multiple commands at once, and then when I Ctrl-c it actually exits all the commands at once.

The Makefile and helper scripts

Finally here’s how the Makefile looks and the extra helper scripts.

# Only meant to be run once when setting up the project locally
.PHONY: setup
    pyenv exec python -m venv venv && . venv/bin/activate && pip install --upgrade pip && python -m pip install pip-tools
    chmod +x ./python ./manage

# Run every time the changes
.PHONY: update
    . venv/bin/activate && pip-compile --generate-hashes

# Run every time the requirements.txt changes
.PHONY: install
    . venv/bin/activate && pip-sync --pip-args '--no-deps' && ./manage tailwind install
    cd svelte && pnpm install

# Runs all the build and run processes in parallel
.PHONY: run
    # Trick to run multiple commands in parallel and kill them all at once
    (trap 'kill 0' SIGINT; make runserver & make svelte & make tailwind & wait)

.PHONY: runserver
    ./manage runserver

.PHONY: svelte
    cd svelte && pnpm run watch

.PHONY: tailwind
    ./manage tailwind start

python file:

#!/usr/bin/env sh  
set -e  
. venv/bin/activate  
if [ $1 = 'sh' ]; then  
    # if the first arg is sh, like in our supervisorctl conf file, skip it  
    shift 1  
python $@

manage file:

#!/usr/bin/env bash  
set -e  
. venv/bin/activate  
python $@

December 3, 2023