On Adblockers

It has come to my attention that people are not aware of the current adblockers situation, so here’s the short version of what you should be doing:

Use uBlock Origin by gorhill.

  • It is open source
  • It does not have sponsored ads, unlike Adblock Plus
  • It is the fastest adblocker
  • It is very powerful
  • It’s always been available on both Chrome and Firefox, the same code, don’t have to make a different choice depending on your browser.

For more points about whether it’s better than ABP, check uBlock Origin’s wiki page on it.

For more information on its advanced mode and so on, check the wiki page on that.

Of course the important question, should you actually make the switch? I say you’ve nothing to lose and plenty to gain. Try it, it’s literally uninstalling your current adblocker and installing another one. Maybe you’ll feel a difference, maybe not, but point is that you’re doing the right thing.

Please note, uBlock and uBlock Origin are different things. The former is a fork from uBlock Origin, I know there was some drama there but I don’t care about it now so I’ve forgotten what the drama was. I stuck with the decision to use the original some time ago and I haven’t re-evaluated, but if you think it’s worth evaluating the decision yourself, do so.

Of course feel free to research all of this on your own, but be aware that Adblock Plus is not the best option and it hasn’t been for a while, there are other options out there.

March 3, 2018