December 2014 to April 2015

So first of all, I’m sorry that I haven’t written any blog posts in the last few months. I don’t need to apologize, but I feel like doing it. If you felt you deserved an apology, I don’t see why but I already apologized, so there.

OK so I’m just gonna give you a quick update of what’s happened in these months.

Baiscally, in December I started a move which didn’t end until the 26th of December or something like that. During that time I had no internet, why? Cause I had messed up my Arch Linux install, but I didn’t have time to reinstall, so yeah I was stuck without internet or a laptop for almost a month.

Then the first of January of 2015 or something like that I got internet access. I spent one week debating whether I should install Arch again (cause I was tired of it) or if I should go with something new. I wanted to install *BSD but I had trouble so in the end I went with the CRUX Linux distro.

So I’ve been using CRUX for 4 months, until yesterday when I installed OpenBSD.

Today I’ve been having fun discovering OpenBSD. I’ll soon have a blog post about my experience with OpenBSD.

April 18, 2015