Getting used to software updates

I noticed that some years ago I used to seriously look forward to every update that any software I was using got. Like I’d read all the changelogs and I’d be constantly checking to make sure there wasn’t an update to some piece of software that didn’t update itself.

That’s also a reason I got into Arch in the first place I think, besides the minimalism and how I like to build my environment from the ground up. The reason being that it has a rolling release model, so all of my software is as up-to-date as it can be. Almost, I mean it doesn’t go into betas, just into every stable” release according to the piece of software.

I think using Linux, specifically Arch Linux, for several years now has desensitised me to software updates. Where now I don’t look at every update, instead I look at major updates, updates to the browser, to my text editors, etc. Stuff of which you have to be aware because a lot has changed since you last used it, those kind of changes.

Just thought I would document that I guess, there’s not more to this blog post.

September 10, 2014