A small project is not the same as a big project

That’s quite an obvious statement isn’t it? The one in the title. Well I didn’t learn this until recently.

Let me explain myself, and how I’m not dumb.

A small project you can get a skeleton for in like an hour, you spend a bit of time brainstorming features and how you can simplify it and in an hour you have a skeleton, in 15 mins you have a project ready to start working on, you’ve figured out the README the license etc., you just have to start making it now, and that takes like 3 hours or less if you’re good, depends on the project of course.

In comparison, a big project you don’t plan out quite as much, since that’s a bad idea to do at the start, instead you setup some tests (if you work Agile), you make some decisions on what to start with etc.

After 5 hours, you’re not nearly done with the big project, while the small project you’re at least halfway there if not done already.

If you’re used to small projects, like I am, a bigger or slightly bigger project may make you feel slow, at least it made me feel slow.

I just kinda want to say that’s probably normal and not something to worry about, if you haven’t finished your idea in 6 months, maybe start worrying. lol

July 20, 2014