Arch Linux font tip(s)

Just thought I would share something that has been very useful to me recently, and that is some Arch Linux font stuff.

First let’s talk about the Infinality-bundle+fonts. This is SO useful! It’s basically some pre-configured font settings and fonts that make your Arch Linux font rendering so nice. If you want a real quick plug-and-play font config you can use this.

It was nice and all but I didn’t like how many downloads I had to make in each pacman -Syu, granted I don’t think they were too many but my internet is not so fast that I don’t care about the size of my downloads.

To uninstall it I had to, IIRC remove the infinality-bundle’ repository from my pacman.conf file, then I had to manually uninstall all the fonts and stuff from this bundle. There’s probably an easy way to do this but I am not aware of it.

OK so that’s one solution. There is another one which I really like since it works quite well which can be found in this blog post: From the mind of a nerd: Font Configuration in Arch Linux

I followed his steps and it works quite well. Some websites for some reason don’t have font smoothing but they are not many. I did not follow the settings he has on XFCE, because I don’t have XFCE installed but if I did that it would probably work flawlessly.

This solution allows me to not install anything extra and still have nice fonts so I like it.

Hope these tips help you out someday. :)

June 9, 2014