My slow switch to Emacs

I’m going to come out and say that I like Emacs. As a platform, not as an editor mind you.

I am using Evil as is probably to be expected. I have become so accustomed to Vim that without some sort of Vim emulation I cannot survive in another editor.

This is why I’m using Evil and I am slowly, but surely, using Emacs more and more, making little modifications that make it nicer and and more comfortable for me. I’ll soon probably have to write a couple of plugins in order to achieve some Vim behaviour I like though, that’ll be fun.

So I just wanted to share that. If I ever need to use Vim in a remote server or for pair programming, I’m open and if I need to use Emacs I’m also open, unless it’s Emacs without Evil, in which case I am closed.

I have NO clue how Emacs users could use C-f for moving right by one, C-b for back one, C-n to move down one and C-p to go up one. It’s crazy, their hands move ALL OVER the keyboard, and they say it’s fine. Whoever says that is either bored or crazy or both. Or something.

June 8, 2014