What the gut feeling is for me

Notice from 2015: Why even try to describe this without body language? Such a dumb idea from me.

I acknowledge that the gut feeling works different for everyone, and it seems women have a different kind of gut feeling called a woman’s instinct” or something like that. But I’m gonna talk about my experience with my gut feeling and how maybe you could start using it.

Now, in my experience, the gut feeling has not been what I feel in my gut, so let’s start by putting that out there.

Now, the gut feeling for me has been an interesting experience. The way my gut feeling comes for me is the first thought that comes to mind pretty much.

I am better at judging people I just met by gut feeling than by analysis. The first time I meet someone I trust my gut feeling as what I work off from to analyze. No matter how nice or how insensitive a person seems, it’s the gut feeling that tells me if they could be good friends, bad friends, or the kind that seems like a good friend but screws you over behind your back.

For example, if I meet someone and they’re very charming and all, but something at the back of my head pokes at me like I don’t like this person”, I will trust that poke, because most of the time it has been right, and if it was wrong, there’s always a second chance, the analysation stage. BTW, one of the reasons I don’t hangout with as much people as I probably should, gut feeling telling me no.

But that’s just meeting people. Eating food works similarly, except this one could save my life quite directly. I have never eaten something that gives me a bad feeling. I don’t judge meat by how it looks, I judge it by my body saying yes or no.

I should mention at this point, gut feeling is not always everything. You know, you’re not gonna cheat on your wife or girlfriend because your body is saying yes, it’s times like these that the mind has to come in and put the body under control and say NO.

Have you ever had that feeling where you just feel like you have to do something? Or you’ve done it before you realize? I haven’t had quite an like that experience myself, but I was witness to one.

While in Argentina there was this pizza delivery-man, he was leaving for a delivery and had the pizza on the back, whatever. He stored the pizza and got on the bike (a motorcycle), as he was starting it, with the most fluid of movements he got off. Like 1 second later a car crashed against his bike (lightly). Now what’s interesting is that the car came from nowhere, he could not see it or hear it, I didn’t myself as I was facing the same general direction he was.

When the car crashed the guy was bewildered, he looked bewildered at least, he had no idea what had just happened. He just got off his bike without knowing why and a second later a car crashed against his bike.

The way I see it, that’s gut feeling and your body answering without giving you a choice. My mom experienced something similar, had she not scooted over by like 10 or 20cm, a car would have hit her, this is one time she was coming out of a cab, although I didn’t see this one myself, it’s a story she shared with me.

This is a long post, but in the end I guess the point is, don’t ignore your gut feeling. And everybody has it, those that have it more just know how or when to listen to it.

Next time you met a person, trust your gut feeling, it’ll probably something so basic you’ll almost miss. For me most of my gut feelings are the first thought in my head when I am given a choice of some sort.

April 30, 2014