Out of sight is not out of mind

So right from the get-go you know I disagree with this mind set of out of sight, out of mind”. My titles are clever like that.

Anyway. First I’ll start by saying. I do see the point. I understand that if you’re not seeing it then it may not even be a consideration. This is true for stuff like… If you hire someone to take the trash out for you, suddenly you don’t care about the trash that you generate, because somebody else is doing it for you.

But if that isn’t the case. Then no matter what you do it’s gonna be on your mind. And here’s where this idea breaks down.

It’s great for services, like I clean the house. Eventually you’re gonna forget that it was even dirty, if I come daily.

Now what happens if… if you like your dog and it disappears. Even if it is out of sight, it is not out of mind. I mean if you’re a worrywart you’re probably sweating bullets just thinking about what could have happened to him.

I could give tons of examples, crappy ones probably, but the point is. Just because it’s not on your sight, it is not gonna disappear from your mind. That’s how the mind works. You can’t avoid the fact that you murdered someone just by hiding it in the dumpster or something, you know?

Anyway, my point is, no matter what you do, it’s gonna be on your mind if you consider it not solved or your mind considers it something that still requires attention. You can put all of the trash of your home beneath your bed, and just because you know it’s there, it’s gonna bother you, even if it’s out of sight.

April 27, 2014