Real science, not bullshit

This one should be short. But the point is, WTF. It has always pissed me off in anime, manga etc., even IRL, that the characters can’t believe what’s actually happening right in front of them.

For example. If in front a scientist a glowing light appeared they would say it’s not real and it can’t happen, it can’t be happening. It cannot be explained thus it has not happened and isn’t happening.

This defies science itself. Science is not about can it be explained?”, science is about if we do this 100 times, does it always happen the same way?”. That’s science and not bullshit. If it’s happening in front of you, whether or not you know why, whether you can explain it or not, whether you have any idea what’s going on or not, it’s happening.

If something works every time, and it can be constantly proven a certain way, whether it’s right or not, whether it breaks some laws of physics” or not, it’s happening.

I bet if something breaks the speed of light they’ll say that’s impossible because the speed of light is unattainable except by light. Even if it’s happening in front of them.

BTW, the laws of physics thing, pisses me off how they are called laws”, but they are only a set of facts that have been proven to be true most of the time, not going to say always. If it suddently turns out gravity repels instead of attracting, that’s not possible because laws of physics.

According to the Oxford English dictionary, is a theoretical principle deduced from particular facts, applicable to a defined group or class of phenomena, and expressible by the statement that a particular phenomenon always occurs if certain conditions be present.”

So it can be changed, but it seems they are set in stone and will never change for some reason.

I dunno. Just pisses me off, that is all.

February 22, 2014